Friday, November 18, 2005

Fragments from last month...

The trouble is...when I have a dream that's worth writing down, if I don't jot it down immediately, it goes. Usually I throw in enough keywords (balloon, sherbert, Fearne Cotton) to trigger the memory.

Last week though I went back through my workbag looking for something and found a sheet of paper with the keyword fragments of the dream. It's so old though, the fragments aren't triggering must have been pretty good though for me to take the trouble to write stuff at all. Anyway, here's what I wrote...
College reunion...on the way in Jo then Bex...Sarah...I'll be back...have to find my clothes...lost sports gear after squash...lost property: other bloke looking - "that's mine...and that!" jacket in school...bending Franklin's fingers back...Lawrence (dead) has lost weight...carrying bricks in a wheelbarrow...
OK. I give up. What the bloody hell was all that about?

Monday, November 07, 2005

dreamt i was a writer

and anyone who reads my posts know - it is a far fetched dream.

basically i had read a few pages of the new chris claremont epic x-men story, before deciding i would save it for another time.

cue me dreaming about writing those pages, but differently. but as i was writing panel description and dialogue there i was in the page, in the panel in 4 colour glory.
it was a dream of wish-fulfillment.

and when i finally got to read the comics the next day they were pretty good, but my dream versions better.