Saturday, March 29, 2008

27/3/08 Dream

It starts as one of those usual car driving anxiety dreams. This is not unusual - I'm learning to drive.

Anyway, in the dream I'm not really in control of the car at all. I can't remember who is sitting next to me, or indeed where we're going, but the car is running away from me...and I'm struggling to retake control. I stamp down on the brake pedal too late and the car goes into the car in front, causing a domino effect of shunting along the line of cars in front of me...

And then the scene changes and I'm showing Cassie from Skins some porn pictures on my computer. She's judging them, giving her approval or disapproval as she clicks from one image to the next.

And then I wake up.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

What a Party

A nice dream last night - but so ridden with symbolism even I can guess at much of it. I was in my old home town and was invited to a party by a tall, handsome, gray haired, blue eyed man, whose physical presence was comforting, yet exciting. I bought new silver shoes with sparkles, and a silver dress with an intricate front, the intricacies being created by fabric folds. My hair however was done in corn rows and had a big purple bow like those from a present and it sat smack on top of my head.

He took me in and introduced me to friends. The home was awesome - high ceilings and beautifully decorated. The gathering, if you were familiar with my home town, would not be existing anywhere near that home town - these were people most of the home towners would make fun of because they were highly educated, interesting, world traveled, "green," health food conscious folks, all formally dressed talking about art, travel, books and ideas. I felt a bit ignored however. I was sure it was because of my cornrow hairdo and slightly swollen ankles in silver slippers. But I was accepting of the corn row do on a white girl like me because it really signified my feelings of being "different" which is a part of me that I accept. However, I did remove the bow and loosen the corn rows and fluff them out some.

The party went on with the guy being very attentive, then disappearing, off and on. Finally, everyone was getting ready to leave and I began to investigate the front folds of my gown and found a pillow sewn in the front. I removed it, unfortunately in front of dream guy, and told him I would sew up the ragged hem of the tear.

Then I realized that I didn't know where I had left my car because I had come to the party with Dream Guy. About that time he told me that he was married. He directed me to someone who could help me find my car. Feeling big and clumsy, I made my way through the leaving party guests and went to a garage that had black windows. My car was inside the garage and was covered in branches and leaves. That was the end of my dream.