Thursday, December 27, 2007

him again

I'm with the guy in the red t shirt again. I'm keeping him hidden in a shed or shack, down a path, through familiar fields. I'm hiding him from my boyfriend. Sneaking away to bring him supplies hidden in my bag amongst the usual chaos.

We're on the top floor of a museum, making out? doing something dirty anyway...
And then suddenly I'm outside and surrounded by water, the landscape has changed and the whole place is channels and islets. Soft fescue being slowly covered by the rising water, tiny silver bubbles trapped between the soft blades.
On many of these islets and in the channels between them stand water pumps, faucets, spigots... under them stand huge stone basins or enamel Belfast sinks. Some of these are like standpipes poking out of the sea. Is it the sea? I think it's tidal, ebbing and flowing... an estuary maybe.
I'm moving over the surface of the water, I can't tell how, but I'm travelling away from the museum and I can't control my trajectory. I'm being drawn away, on and on. Somehow I know that I've lost him.

Monday, December 10, 2007

I dont know

I can't remember the dream much..
it was very technicolor..
there was a wicked witch / stepmother ( green face and all)
I had magic stones i had dropped that were scattered around a room and i woke up screaming for my mice to come and collect all the stones.

except it sounded like mahh..mahhhhh...mahhhhh
( i tried to go back to sleep was just a REAL dream..but oh well..I yearned for that dream all day)

Friday, December 07, 2007


Last night I dreamt I was back at my parents, I had just woken up and was looking out of my bedroom window. My father's vegetable garden is directly below it. In my dream three big five foot deep trenches had been dug. Along side each trench were gigantic gourds which were either being planted or extracted. The whole operation was being conducted by Hugo Chavez the Venezuelan President.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

27/11/2007 Dream

And it's in some kind of hall where there's a posh dinner party going on or something, but anyway I'm there with my dead father. He's younger and kinder than I remember him being most of the time when he was alive, and we are meticulously going through all of his possessions deciding what should be kept and what should be given away and what should be thrown out.

And then I wake up. And I'm crying uncontrollably, so much that it affects me throughout the whole of the rest of the day.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Someone's standing behind me, their hand on my tummy, over my hips, under my breasts. Holding me gently close. But I mustn't look. If I turn around there's nobody there.
He whispers to me that he wants to give me something, so that I will remember him later. It's only small he says, as he pulls my jeans away from my tummy and drops it down inside. A tiny metallic something falls into the shadows between my jeans and my belly.
When I wake up, I have to resist the urge to search through yesterdays trousers.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

ceramics and cake

I dreamed that I was setting up an exhibition, at some kind of art fair. Some of the people I'm sharing my stand with l know; Jack from my old class, and Nahem from long ago. Some I don’t know so much as know of. They are a couple I've come into contact with at fairs before- with a reputation for being surly, secretive and thinking that they’re great....
There's also a younger girl I don't know at all helping.
I'm tired and hot; my head is swimmy (not unlike real life). Two of the pieces I have with me are large torsos, from neck to thighs, and I'm admiring the way that they are made with one large slab slumped into a mould.... in places you can see little details, hip bones, labia, moles, skin texture... one of these pieces is two layers the top layer is grey stoneware, clearly under fired a little. It's like a towel or shirt draped over the larger torso underneath it. The under layer is earthenware, fired quite high; it's gone dark and chocolaty. I’m staring at it wondering how I’ll ever get it hung... where my space is going to be within the stand... I’m looking closely at the details... and I fall asleep

I dream that I'm on a bus heading towards a huge shopping centre; I’m exchanging pleasantries with two random handbag girls who are actually being quite friendly. When we get off the bus (it terminates at the shopping complex) I say something about really needing to pee, and they say something like 'yes, us too, lets go look for the bathroom together'.... this seems reasonable so we all set off. It one of those huge mall places, with different floors and walkways between huge chain stores and we seem to walk for an age, going up and up and trying to follow signs that always seem to end a dead-end, I stop a uniformed employee to ask about the direction that one sign is pointing (towards a blank wall) and when I turn around the two girls are gone. I think I hear muffled giggling from behind some of the racks of clothes but I decide to just continue my search alone. Shortly at the top of a ramp I see what I’m sure will be the lady's. I begin to walk into the corridor and inside I see in the mirror the reflection of a man, I come back a few steps to check the sign is for the female toilets and as it is I am a bit flummoxed... In the end the fact that I need to pee rules my thinking and I enter the room. I'm shocked at how dirty it is, and oddly the cubicles have huge yellow electric doors that swing in an arc when they open and when they close for part of the wall of the cubicle. The green LCD displays on the outside inform me that they are both presently occupied. The only other person waiting is the black man I saw in the mirror. This is all far too weird and I wake up....

I'm lying on the floor of the exhibition stand, near to the foot of someone’s large plinth. I look around and see that Nahem's work is all up on the wall, little figures stood proud of the walls surface on little steel rods, all of different lengths giving the appearance of a kind of undulating wave made up of these little delicately thin ceramic people. Besides these are hung portraits of people’s faces, subtly coloured oils, frighteningly lifelike.
Looking around for my own work I see the large torso I had been examining when I feel asleep laying on the floor, something has happened to it and the upper layer of grey has broken away in two large pieces. Part of me is appalled and freaked out about this disaster, but part of me is fascinated by what I can see of the layer underneath- textured skin where it's puckered around the nipples, the tiny mole on the labia, the delicately incised marks of hairs along my collarbone... I decide that I have to ignore the breakage and concentrate on displaying this piece to its best advantage. Looking around I try to work out where my own area is, I get up and walk around the space which is like an L shaped room now that the cladding is all up. I step around the corner and se Jack's space, his coloured belly and big sploshy coloured paintings, the cladding behind his own space is painting many rainbow shades, merging into one another, dotted and glittered and spangled with delicate decorative designs. I realise that the only empty wall ids the one besides his, it hasn’t been painted white and you can see a design of faces or masks coming through the first undercoat. They're wide eyed leering faces, mocking me. I know that I’m going to need help setting up as time is short and I look around to see who may be available to assist me hanging me work. The younger girl from before is still around and I approach her to ask for help, she seems amenable but is tired from all that she has done that day. I ask her if there’s anything I can do for her? She turns and points to where a catering stand has been set up whilst I was sleeping, under the glass are some enticing looking cream cakes and patisserie. I agree that this would be more than a fair trade and we start to queue up, we're talking about whether we should get two different types and half them so we can try more, and somehow we choose the most attractive looking gooey creations, we pay the woman at the till and begin to come away with our goodies on white paper plates.....

and I wake up.

Friday, November 16, 2007

school daze

I dreamed a boy. He was neither my current lover nor my boyfriend.

At the beginning of the dream I'm a new student in a school in a new country.
I'm hopelessly lost and he's hopelessly cute. He's not a stranger for long. I make the first move, expecting nothing but feeling cheeky. He doesn't respond immediately so I go off about my day, "nothing ventured nothing gained" I'm thinking. I'm not upset, I don't feel vulnerable, nor am I awaiting his word.
Much later I see him outside the school gates, he's watching for me. He say's something like "There's gona be nuff talk if I take on a woman", I tell him he's going to have to find a better way to describe the situation. Dark hair and wicked eyes, he's gentle with me, but even with a touch I'm alight.

I'm confident in my self, in my body and though he tries to guide me to the unspoken rules of the students. I flout them with a half smile. Wearing my high tops laced to the top, not turned over. Dressing in my usual messy assemblage, not polished and coiffured like the girls here.
I smile sweetly at the "who does she think she is?" from bints and handbag girls.

He works at some trendy venue, that I meet him at looking scruffy. He always raises one eyebrow at my 'get-up' and pulls me close...too self assured and passionate for a school boy, he sets me on fire.

It's a strange sensation, or situation... He's part of the cliques and hierarchy but he wants me, I who am 'no one'.

Somewhere in the middle of the dream I realise that I'm a student and he's a teacher. Not my own teacher, but I worry none the less that discovery would mean trouble. He teaches the younger children and I go and wait for him sometimes. Trying not to give him 'looks', or distract him from his lesson plan, I observe how he works with the kids. He makes the children feel empowered by their knowledge. He boosts their confidence and speaks to them like equals. I admire him for this very much.

By the end of the dream we are both teachers at the same school, although I'm a new member of staff, and he knows the place inside out. I still wait for him after class, he still sparks fire in my belly.

The changes are seamless and I think nothing of them until I wake.

At times during the dream I came close to the surface, but was desperate not to wake up. Even if I knew that it was not 'reality', to be allowed to belong with someone who made it feel right was far too tempting....

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I dreamed that I picked up a plastic snake off of my front porch. It then turned into a real snake, yellow and gray and attempted to bite me. It had sharp teeth throughout its mouth. I had to hold it by the head, the way snake-milkers do so it would not be able to bite me. Because of this I could not let it go. Then two more snakes, yellow, appeared in my left hand and I also had to hold their heads to keep them from biting. Somehow I switched to another frame where another really large snake I was holding to keep it from biting me, yellow with a gray head, had a huge head. It's teeth in front looked harmless, but the jaw teeth were so many and all sharp as needles. I thought, oh, well, it doesn't have fangs, but then I saw into the roof of its mouth where it had huge fangs, folded back into the roof of its mouth and I knew they were full of venom.

Monday, October 29, 2007


I'm in what seems to be a shopping centre, the interior is curved, domed, arched and covered in cream tiles, or it could be that it is built of glazed bricks. At the top the roof is mostly glass, filling the space with light that is softly reflected in the glossy surface of the walls, making the whole place appear to be glowing.

There are large flowing pools running into one another all through the centre of the space, fish keep putting their faces out of the water, doing little leaps; generally being cute.

Around the top of this large space is a walkway. It's cream plastic grid and looks dirty, brittle and slightly as though it's made of some children's construction toy; something akin to marble run, with rounded sections slotting into one another. At some points the walkway is just a foot or two from the ground, and other places it's way up near the ceiling and it has no rail or edge. Every now and then a shop assistant/security guard walks around it surveying the scene, when they get to the high sections I can see them cringe and struggle not to look down.At intervals around the walkway are smallish trees in pots, and when they pass one the guards have to walk right to the edge of the walkway and check that they are secure.

When we're done, I leave with Mum, in her car (which doesn't seem to be a totally ordinary ford escort any more...)
We're both lying back as we travel along between the edge of a large river and a high brick wall (not high- I can't climb over it, but high- six storeys ) and I'm watching the huge building pass beside us. Massive walls, narrow soaring buttresses, struts shaped like blades, turrets, walkways, gargoyles, bridges and rooms. Visible over the edge of the wall are also huge rounded sides of domes and arches, all exquisitely curved. Every part of the structure is made of perfectly tessellating dark red bricks. Every now and again we go through and arch, under a buttress or through a tunnel, all the time following the gentle contour of the building, like the curve of the earth.

All the while I'm just not concerned about who or what is driving or controlling the car, until I suddenly notice that we're approaching the end of the roadway and that all there is ahead is large open stretch of choppy water with another large brick building looming in the distance. Almost without warning the car shoots off the end of the track and plunges into the water. Bubbles boil all around, the noise of the churning water is everywhere, all around and everywhere inside me, I feel as though I can't breathe , even though inside the car is completely dry. Darkness swirls. Then with a sharp tug and a clanking sound the chains attached underneath the car take up the slack and begin to draw us along again...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

I dream that I had a ball of light, soft, warm, glowing.
Blue and green, swirling and spiralling inside.
Forming and unfurling.
Like a living koosh ball, with anemone tendrils of life,
swaying and moving and touching me.
A galaxy in the cup of my hands.

I was staying in a weird hotel. Labyrinthine and old.
I'm sharing with a girl who I'm travelling with, and we have what seems to be a suite of rooms.Huge rooms with decades laid down like strata in layers of furniture and artifacts.A fifties kitchen suite beside a nest out Louis XIV chairs, massive plastic bowls and tubs in bright green stacks on chunky pine farmhouse tables....
It's fascinating and surprising, I'm fairly bewildered wondering around and peering at things, touching drapes and surfaces. The suite is very eccentric. Doors don't necessarily close, there are curtain rails all around the place where you wouldn't expect.
From the outset she's complaining and whining about the state of things, and what we haven't been provided with ('where's the hair dryer?'), saying that she's unable to put up with these substandard environment and will have to go and complain and move accommodation. I'm getting very frustrated with this attitude.
I'm trying to make the best of the situation and am wrapped up in a towel trying to figure out the best way to use a shower which has a huge antique rose but no shower tray, just a pile of ancient looking Persian carpets underneath..... when she bursts into the rooms though i have tried to lock the door- which seemed to be held together with paperclips. I say "what are you doing- get out of here I'm trying to wash!" she says " No you're not, you're not even wet".
And i go for her. I completely lose control and punch her, slap her scratch her... I get hold of her long hair pulling her head back, grabbing her left wrist I force it up her back to meet the hand with which i am grasping her hair. In this way I hold her hair and her arm in my left hand and have one hand free to pummel her with no chance of reprisal....
After a while two handbag girls come in and say that my behaviour is "inappropriate" (they're talking like teachers- in fact they may be). They make a half hearted attempt to free my opponent, but don't put much heart in it and eventually wander off....

I keep pinching and twisting and slapping, it seems my anger is inexhaustible....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shep and my fat ass

I was in my bedroom and in walks Shep!!

I INSTANTLY became very self conscious of my HUGE ass..and was walking backwards and shit..
Just trying to hide this massive ASS..

so we went to the beach..( ?? ..christ, dreams are fucked.. no?)

the beach was just a step outside my bedroom ..which was so handy..

then I woke up..

Monday, September 03, 2007

What the ?

I'm at a party..
and walking around talking to really boring people..just wandering around ..trying to find someone with some sort of spark..
and I'm standing listening to some boring old man telling a group some boring old story..
then David Niven pops in and leans to me and starts telling me funny stories.!!!
i woke up in the middle of a really great story..
I miss ol David


I dreamed I was in a barge that was being renovated, whilst it was sailing along a river somewhere. Down inside it was just a big rusty metal shell, with plastic sheeting draped from the ceiling at intervals. There were builders in hi-vis jackets and work boots tramping around drilling and hammering and measuring things, and there I was curled up under a big white duvet in the corner, half asleep...

2/9/07 Dream

I'm at a birthday party at a restaurant for Seth Rogen (from Knocked Up and Anchorman), who I know well for some reason.

He's not happy at this restaurant, but we're trying to make the best of it. I go off to the toilet, after having ordered fish and chips. When I come back he's clearly freaked out at everyone or something as everyone who has their food already is quietly eating, and he is seething in the corner. I look down at my huge portion of fish and kick myself for not ordering Calamari.

And then I wake up.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Cyndi Cyndi Cyndi

I was in a strange a strange bed ( really !!not the dream )

In my sleep , I saw my mom looking all sorrowful at me ..and she said
"Cyndi Cyndi Cyndi...what have you done ?"

I carried that dream all day was so real..

( And mama..I have no regrets!!)

Thursday, August 30, 2007

29/8/07 Dream

I'm at a sit-down dinner party, lots of friends and family are there.

I'm standing up chatting to someone and as the dream progresses I realise that the person I am talking to is my dead father. He's younger but still bearded and saying lots of amusing things and clearly enjoying himself, so unlike the horrible twisted end of his life.

And in my dream I go hysterical at seeing him - I gasp for breath between loud wide-eyed sobs, grab at a nearby pillar to stop myself from falling...

And then I wake up. And I'm crying, quietly. My eyes are wet and I have to press my face against the back of the person sleeping next to me for the intense feeling of utter loss to go away.

And then I sleep...

And dream of the person sleeping next to me getting up and making themselves breakfast...consisting solely of popcorn.

And then I wake up. Again.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

the Castle

I was in an exotic place that in my dream I thought was Thailand. I had a companion, but I can't recall who it was. We were in a hurry to get somewhere, walking, and it was a long walk and at a certain point our travel led us into a castle, a very elaborate castle that had a complex of walkways and architectural styles. It reminded me of a castle at the top of a high hill near Sintra, in Portugal. We finally emerged on the other side of the castle and I realized I had left my camera somewhere in the building. I urged my companion to continue on, saying I would catch up, and I re-entered the castle. The problem was that when I re-entered, it didn't look anything like the castle I had just exited. The passageways were different, the decor was different, everything. It seemed like a maze, and I didn't know how I was going to get out, yet I found the camera. I also encountered two tigers in a cave who growled at me. At this point I awoke, and thought I want to fast forward this dream to a point where I am out of the castle, and I fell asleep again, but recall no more.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I dreamt that my big brother emailed me telling me that he cared about me, and that he wanted to be in contact with me. When I realised it was a dream I was so sad....

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sore Thumb

I dream of being at a party with hattiegrace and a lot of people I don't know. I am uncomfortable as I usually am in groups. Everyone looks so beautiful. I feel like a "clunk." Odd.

Monday, August 20, 2007


I dreamt that I was at the mall with my boyfriend. We were sitting at a small round table somewhere in the food court drinking coffee. Beside us I notice a new stand, it has a sloped glass counter displaying all kinds of confectionery and alco-pops , there are a lot of pink sparkles around and a large back lit sign above it reads 'Barbie™'. There are several groups of girls sitting at the tables around it drinking pink sparkly (as in containing glitter, not necessarily bubbles) alco-pops from the bottles through twisty straws.

I'm sitting there thinking ; 'Sweets OK, but surely it's a little odd for the Barbie brand to be advertising alcohol...?' when an employee from the stand comes around from behind the counter carrying a tray with frilly paper decorations and samples of candy. He is, quite incongruously, a dark haired young man with a moustache, little goatee, ponytail and pink candy striped fabric apron with a spangly name tag. As he comes over to us he proffers the tray which contains rows of what look like chocolate tubes, I take one and bite into it to discover that it's filled with liqueur flavoured cream with a tiny chocolate stem all along the centre. I turn to thank the guy in the pink apron, he says that we are most welcome and calmly announces that these delicacies are called ' Finger F**ks' before moving off to the next table proffering his tray.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Ramblin Jack sent us

I dreamed I met up with Ramblin Jack Elliott. I was traveling with a friend and Ramblin Jack sent us somewhere. He had been picking his guitar and telling us stories, but he had to go, but first he sent us somewhere. I don't remember where exactly but it was hard to get to and I thought maybe it was in New Orleans and we were to meet up with somebody and say Jack sent us. All I remember.

Friday, July 13, 2007


I keep dreaming of the County. Of light bulb boobs. Of self appointed grandeured faces, of meanness. Night after night after night. I want to dream something nice! Something green, something beautiful, something with light and hope, not meanness.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton

I left the tv on last night ..

In my dream i was hanging out with Paris H's REAL bio parents..we were just doing stuff, and talking..

And the whole time I'm thinking doesnt look like ya'll...but she looks so much like her adoptive mother..

I woke up this morning thinking it had been some news story on tv and was possibly real..

Dreams are so strange.

Monday, May 21, 2007

20/5/07 Dream

I woke this morning from a dream where I was talking to Jo from college. She was bright and bubbly and we chatted animatedly, but in the back of my mind I was wondering how it was she was all better. We were laughing together as I woke up.

And of course it made me sad and desolate to find out it was a dream, and she wasn't well, still. And that I won't ever laugh with her again. But was okay somehow. Because I remember, and will cherish those memories. Bless her.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Julia Roberts screwed me over!

Okay, this is my first post in the iDream of Cliff-A-Go-Go blog, and there may not be too many from me because I don't remember my dreams very often. But this one I do remember:

I was trying on this gorgeous nightgown from La Perla (I'm getting married next month and have been having many wedding and lingerie-stress dreams). It was a sort of aubergine/purple floor length nightie with beautiful lace detail around the neckline. Anyway, I tried it on at the store and went out into the dressing room to look at it in the full length mirror.

Julia Roberts came over and shook her head. She did NOT like the way it looked. She grabbed a pair of large, rusty scissors and cut the entire bottom half off, so it became more of a camisole. Then she grabbed the neckline and cut all the beautiful lace detail off of the neckline. And once she did that, she went ahead and cut a few inches off my hair so it would hit the right place against the new makeshift neckline of the destroyed La Perla nightgown.

I said "Julia, what have you done? I can't wear this now!"

Julia Roberts huffed and folded her arms across her chest. "Well, I guess you can take it to a seamstress and have the hems fixed or something. But I think it looks good. My job here is done."

And she walked away.

I was very angry.

Hope you'll come visit me at my other blog, too!

Friday, March 30, 2007

1996 Dream

I dream of trying to get on a countryside wall whilst out walking with some friends (can't remember who), and I put my hand straight in dogshit. I groan and try to wipe it on the grass, which seems to only spread it around. Spying a river down the hill, I amble down through trees and down beside a stony old bridge. It's moving and it's not water. The dark black seems to be going strangely and as I look closely, it's not water - the thing is a swarm/flock/pride (?) of dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Hundreds of them. They move almost noiselessly, and their black eyes stare up at me. I run back and up the countryside.

Weeks later, I go back with someone (who?) to show them, but there's nothing there. On the way up, we pass some turfed over mounds of earth, which are covered with polythene. I know that these contain poison belonging to some prolific British film director.

Then I wake up.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nightmare ll

I was going to visit a man I loved ( this is not any dude i've ever been in a real relationship with..a DREAM boyfriend) ..he had a friend at his house and I remember being so happy to see my dude and wanting his friend to leave.
My guy seemed happy, but very reserved..
Then they started butchering me ..
They were serial killers and while my guy held me down..the other dude was hacking me up.
I mainly remember the attitude my boyfriend had..serious and non caring..
And I was begging him to stop.

It was terrifying

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tara Reid

In my dream i was talking to my cousininlaw daisy's sister ( she doesnt have a sister)
and reading a book that their father had written in 1954..( i actually checked the date out in my dream ..)..the book was in english, although their father was born in Spain and grew up in Cuba..
lucky me
While i was reading the book, we were in a boat? airplane? and she was showing me crocodiles attacking people as we went by..
Then we were back at daisys house and my daughter Jen showed me a video of Tara Reid getting attacked by a chipmunk..
Tara was wearing a red dress and the chipmunk was just FLYING through the air to get her.
This was THE most chock-filled dream i've EVER had..
Oh, and Tara made the funniest face while the chipmunk attacked..and I think her Frankenstein boob was showing..i think..

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Churning dark water..
Small childrens faces bobbing to the surface..eyes pleading then disappearing back under the water.
I can almost recognise them..who are they?
"help me " sounding in my head like a memory..did i hear it ?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Superstitions and why we lose people

Hi everyone again. I dont know if this is appropriate for this blog or not but I have had this superstition lately with my left palm itching like I am going to get lots of money. I mean everytime that palm itches I get lots of money. Its always been that way. My husband thinks I am crazy when that happens. But anyway he's been having this image that I will be getting lots of money also. Well to get to the point. I just lost my step grandmother and I found out a few moments ago that she just passed away. I mean what does all this mean really. Not dreams but superstitions??? Things are weird in life I guess. I have only been in contact with her for the last six months now and I never got to say goodbye. But maybe some day I will see her again when I go up to heaven. LOL... That is another post for another day really. I just had to post about superstitions though. Its just plain weird.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It was one of those slow dreamy dreams ..
I never saw a face..just felt moist kisses and urgent tugs..
Softness , firmness..

My Husband

Hi all. I dont dream much but here is a scene from my husbands last dream he had last night.

He was working and I had the car. He got a ride home from one of his female co workers. This happened once a week for about a month or so. Well finally she decided talking to him and asking him personnal questions werent getting anywhere so she started to hit on him. Finally Hubby decides to remind her that shes married with two kids. She responds I dont care. I dont love him. I just married him for his money. Hubby responds with then remember I am Married then. Finally she stops with the nonsense and brings him home. I guess I see this as a funny story because I know the girl he was dreaming about and shes not very friendly usually. She would never offer to bring him home.

Thanks Shep for letting me part of this. I appreciate it. I love to share my stories with everyone. Tweets.

Monday, January 29, 2007


been a while since i posted a dream.
it is not that i haven't been having them, it is that i have not been writing them down.

so the snippets.
1] i seem to be in a new house. it goes on for ever. lots of rooms. lots of stuff. but i am not sure what i am doing there. do i live there? am i visiting? i never find out. have dreamt that house a couple of times.
2] i am hanging on to a wind turbine. i have no idea how i can hold onto the piece i am holding on as it is much bigger than my hand. but there i am. the wind turbine is in the middle of the sea, there seems to be a farm of the things, the waves below are pounding, it is all in black and white. i am scared.
2] i am mistaken for mick foley and eddie g jumps me and we fight only for mick to appear and we have a three way dance.

lets see if i can remember then in future.

Friday, January 26, 2007

on a train

I was on a train but the train wasn't moving but it was going to move soon.....and I realized my car was parked illegally, so I got off the train and got into my car but it had been in an accident and the train took off without me so I went to a house but it wasn't my house but I knew it and I fixed a snack, and then I started to worry because Tuffy P was on the train and she didn't know where I was and I didn't know where the train was going and I thought I have to go after it when the doorbell rang and it was my aunt, coming for tea she had baked some really tasty coffee cake and I woke up.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A sex dream

Last night I dreamt that Dita Von Teese begged me to have sex with her. Then I woke up.

A sex dream

Last night I dreamt that Dita Von Teese begged me to have sex with her. Then I woke up.