Sunday, March 18, 2007


Churning dark water..
Small childrens faces bobbing to the surface..eyes pleading then disappearing back under the water.
I can almost recognise them..who are they?
"help me " sounding in my head like a memory..did i hear it ?


eddiie said...

Hi Klara.Pliz i hope am not going too private but could you send me an email on
Just something i want you to help me with.Thanks.Pliz feel free.If you cannot.Let me know.I do not want to push you against your will.Help me delete this msg when you get the email.

Vinicio said...

i think they are your inner child being supressed by your womanhood.

Vinicio said...

too late, eddie i've already read your plea and i know you have a crush on her....haha...jk.