Monday, May 21, 2007

20/5/07 Dream

I woke this morning from a dream where I was talking to Jo from college. She was bright and bubbly and we chatted animatedly, but in the back of my mind I was wondering how it was she was all better. We were laughing together as I woke up.

And of course it made me sad and desolate to find out it was a dream, and she wasn't well, still. And that I won't ever laugh with her again. But was okay somehow. Because I remember, and will cherish those memories. Bless her.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Julia Roberts screwed me over!

Okay, this is my first post in the iDream of Cliff-A-Go-Go blog, and there may not be too many from me because I don't remember my dreams very often. But this one I do remember:

I was trying on this gorgeous nightgown from La Perla (I'm getting married next month and have been having many wedding and lingerie-stress dreams). It was a sort of aubergine/purple floor length nightie with beautiful lace detail around the neckline. Anyway, I tried it on at the store and went out into the dressing room to look at it in the full length mirror.

Julia Roberts came over and shook her head. She did NOT like the way it looked. She grabbed a pair of large, rusty scissors and cut the entire bottom half off, so it became more of a camisole. Then she grabbed the neckline and cut all the beautiful lace detail off of the neckline. And once she did that, she went ahead and cut a few inches off my hair so it would hit the right place against the new makeshift neckline of the destroyed La Perla nightgown.

I said "Julia, what have you done? I can't wear this now!"

Julia Roberts huffed and folded her arms across her chest. "Well, I guess you can take it to a seamstress and have the hems fixed or something. But I think it looks good. My job here is done."

And she walked away.

I was very angry.

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