Sunday, September 28, 2008

dreams x 2

so i am coming down with a cold. my head feels like it has been kicked a few times. and i have dreamt.
firstly it was i in an office. it was one of those glitzy movie offices everything was clean surfaces, bright metal, multiple computer screens, big windows. i am working at my desk, tipping and tapping at the keyboard; i have a screen in front of me and a screen above me. on the lower screen an email pops up. the email requests my advice on how to run a campaign and promote boris johnson, and it is from boris himself.
i make a bit of a “oh boy” kind of noise.
my colleague and business partner turns to me and asks what is going on.
i look to him and say we have a big job. he looks happy.
the odd part of it is that he is also boris johnson.
we start to map out the ideas we have for the campaign.
i wake up.

next night.
i am walking along a canal; it could be the one near the office i used to work in at stratford. it seems a little overcast. i am there for a reason. i am going to interview a star. in the middle of the canal standing on a barge dressed in jeans and a tight grey jumper and a white long sleeved top underneath it. he is also wearing round rim metal glasses. he is working hard at something on the canal, he might be pulling something, he might be digging something, not sure, but he is working hard, and looks quite deep in concentration.
he is bruce springsteen.
i start asking him questions.
we get around to talking about one of the ex members of the band, who is causing a stir at the moment. the member in question is df (fans will know who). in the dream df had left the band and was back as a member of the tour party (this is obviously influenced by the recent story about pink floyd). there is one song in the set that is not going quite right, and the band members all persuade bruce that df needs to be able to play the introduction as that is what is off. bruce doesn’t understand why he would want to do it as it is just a little above playing chopsticks. one of the other things bruce is concerned about is putting df back into the spotlight. he had walked, and left bruce in the lurch and now he wants to come back. df has agreed to do it in the dark, so that the fans can’t see him. bruce reluctantly agrees. a few candles on stage make sure that the fans see df. bruce is not best pleased because all through the night there are chants for df.
bruce is off the barge, we are standing looking from land, and we are now looking out to the sea. i am stilling asking questions. taking photos as well.
bruce is back on the barge. he continues about the df situation by saying he always makes sure that members of the band are well set, they all get as much royalties as possible. he is striding up and down the barge as he talks. i am looking down at bruce, the weather is chill. his voice is dropping there is a touch of regret and humour in it as he says “and df has done better than anyone from it….”
dream ends.
(and i have to add that this is a dream and has no insight in how to bruce and his band interact).

Sunday, September 21, 2008

lights camera action

i wanted to be a policeman. it was a dream. never happened. colour blindness. it could be a reason why i like crime novels so much.
in the dream i seem to be at a funeral. it is the funeral of a city official. there are many people gathered, there are many graves, all with very low headstones. no one is looking to a grave they are all looking forward to where people will face them to give a eulogy. many are dressed in uniforms, at the back of crowd there is a gaggle of people who are in suits, from their top pockets dangle their detective badges.
now because this is a dream the graveyard/ funeral is taking place in the open and sometimes indoors.
i am there with a set of camera.
as i walk to the back i notice that all the graves have cameras placed on them so as to catch the speakers who will be standing in front of the grave. each of the camera are different styles, they form a history of hand-held cameras.
i take position at the back and take my camera out and prepare to take some photos of the speakers. although i have a large camera i am trying to keep a low profile.
i am there because i am trying to track someone down. someone who has done something that makes him a dirty copper.
as i take photos i am mingling.
i have a cover story. something about being the estranged boyfriend of a cop who is there trying to find her.
as i am taking photos i am changing the lenses on the camera.
i notice that there is something wrong with the camera, it looks like the glass has melted. i change it and then it looks like it has been dappled. i take a photo and it looks like a line drawing rather than a photo. so there is a little bit of panic about me.
i am leaning up against a wall, there is a window and i am looking outside.
there is an announcement and the detectives start to move out, for some reason i think i should move out with them. i go back to my seat, sort of stuff out of my bag and then leave, going into a corridor i realise that people are looking at me. i go the other way down the corridor; luckily there is a toilet there, as i go i rehearse my cover story.
the toilet turns out to be a combination of dining area, fishpond and toilets. the tables to eat from are wooden slatted things that you see in gardens, bright pine. the kitchen/serving area is closed, the doors to it looking very much like they have been knocked up from any piece of wood that could have been found.
i am the only person in there.
to get to the toilets you have to wade through the fishpond.
as i start to wade the radio starts and a child and mum are being interviewed about how nice the oasis boys were. the sound is large, tinny and echoes all over. oasis seem to have given the family a lot of cash so that the kid can get something it needs. there is surprise and happiness in the voices of the family.
the pond water looks very dirty, there are plastic toys floating in it. i am not keen to walk through it.

dream ends.

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

can you smell what the hamlet is cooking?

as ever with my dreams i forget the best parts of them pretty soon after i have had them. this one is not much different. i am not even sure i can remember the highlights of it.
but what i can remember involves me being in a production of hamlet. i can't work out if it is an am-dram thing or some major public art performance piece. either way the thing is a 60-hour performance, and is being put on in a very large buiding rather than a stage.
there is a person sitting at a desk and i go up to them to find out if i have missed my part or not, they direct me to a wall chart that has a very complex running order that says when each line is to be spoken and who delivers the line. i look and see i am still in time to say my line.
i feel a bit happier.
i wander over to where the other performers are. i get involved in a conversation with triple h.
it all makes sense.