Monday, October 24, 2005


i seem to be dreaming in fragments, or at least only remembering the fragments.
so here are two from over the weekend.

i am in a very orange room. it is a front room. but the walls are all cracked, but they are cracked in an honeycomb style. that is all i can remember of it.

the other has a wooden frame of nine squares suspened in the air, and it is swinging backwards and forwards. i can't see what is keeping it aloft, but i can see where the movement is coming from. it is coming from the nuns who are gripping the frame with their hands and are swinging backwards and forards. there are 3 nuns in each sqare so there are 9 in a line and 3 lines of 9. there is one nun in a red and black get out who is swinging more than the others, she looks like she is getting ready to do some sort of nadia type dismount.
shaolin nuns?

and nuns are popping up a bit for me. must be the guilty catholic conscience at work.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

what on earth was i thinking

still weak from man-flu i sat down to watch ring 2 (american version) ended up nodding off and waking up through it all. decided enough was enough sleep called and pat answered.

i woke up at 4am after a dream of such stunning boredom i shocked myself awake.
i was dreaming i was booking a table at a resturant. so it consisted of me on the phone to a waiter going on about the time and number of people.
what was worse when i woke up my first thought was i had forgotten to sort out one of the people.

welcome to my dream life.

Che-Jay Dreams ~ 5

For some reason my last 4 or 5 dreams have had me in countries abroad. A tour guide in Thailand (hehehe). A traveller in Russia and a suspected terrorist in Ireland (I was proved innocent in the dream!). There's also of course been loads of London dreams, I'm sure that is Pat's doing, his constant gushing and memoirs are getting to me!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

man flu

red bull give you wings. man-flu gives you dreams.
after several weeks of not really dreaming. i have two in two nights.
the first involved nuns in rubber (if only such existed then i think i would have gone into the priesthood), dominant landladys and chocolate. i will spare you the murky details.

last nights dream was a different kettle of fish. instead of being in my s&m dvd collection i was in my japanese horror film. i am in a house, it is mine (although i have not lived in a house for 10 years or so)it seems to be nicely decorated and furnished, big carpets. there are several floors to the place. i am walking around. i am spooked. something has scared me. something has put me on edge. i am looking for that something. there is a chill in the air, moisture. cold. wet. the walls are damp. i am sweating. water running down some walls. stains on ceilings, bulges in the cellings. dark. clammy. odd sounds.
i just wander around the house, i am looking for something. not sure what.

it was almost a nightmare.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Che-Jay Dreams ~ 4

I had this dream yesterday that my workmate came into work with his girlfriend and was generally showing off in front of her, so I upped and left. Stepping out from the office I found myself in central London and seemingly knowing where I wanted to go but getting lost. A dog chased me up an alleyway but suddenly a woman appeared and chained the snarling mutt up. As I nervously edged by the dog I arrived back on the streets that seemed very quiet and eerie, just the odd car passing me, the dream fades and ends.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

not so much a wha! but more of a wha! not dream

i have a tendancy to fall asleep on the floor (currently i have no choice as my bedroom is a store room, which i need to clear out and tidy), last night instead of bedding down as normal i just curled up in a heap.
i did it during episodes 11 and 12 or lost. the dvd kept playing and then got to the point where it went back to the menu. thre it kept playing the catchy but short menu music piece. i am guessing after 3 hours of this being played my subconscious noted this and then i had a dream based on me being lost on the lost island.
can't remember anything that happened, i don't think much did - sort of like the show.
but i do remember that in that twilight between full sleep and being awake i mulled it over, played out some ideas and discussed the dream with myself. hoping against all hope i could get back into the dream again and enjoy it, and further more actually remember what it was i was dreaming about.

mmmm pointless story really.
i have been affected by lost.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Strangest Dream to date

I’m sat in the passenger seat of an old 1930’s type convertible, the sun is shining and the top is down. My partner is driving us along a dusty road, through streets, villages and beautiful countryside, it feels like France or Italy, but could just as easily be England.
I am happy, truly happy and contented in my soul. And deeply in love. My Partner being the main reason for my happiness. We pass some old school friends of mine, stop and stop for a chat. Later we go to a café and enjoy food and drinks with some friends.
Not too strange…
The strange part was my partner…it was Stephen Fry. Now I have never thought of him in a sexual way or in any way particularly strongly. I think he is a very funny and talented man, I’ve enjoyed all his work and am very glad he is back on TV with his excellent programme QI, but to have him as my partner..? I don’t get it. Plus the fact that he prefers men and he is a lot older than me. In the dream however it made perfect sense and it was wonderful.
For a while after this dream every time I saw him or even heard his voice, this wonderful contented, safe, happy feeling would wash over me, it was lovely. Unfortunately over time this feeling has slipped away, but I still enjoy a good laugh watching the show.
It made me think a lot about attraction and the “perfect partner”.

(I was going to post this the other day but ran out of time, and then I sit down last night to find that QI has just started a new season. Synchronicity at work perhaps?)