Tuesday, October 04, 2005

not so much a wha! but more of a wha! not dream

i have a tendancy to fall asleep on the floor (currently i have no choice as my bedroom is a store room, which i need to clear out and tidy), last night instead of bedding down as normal i just curled up in a heap.
i did it during episodes 11 and 12 or lost. the dvd kept playing and then got to the point where it went back to the menu. thre it kept playing the catchy but short menu music piece. i am guessing after 3 hours of this being played my subconscious noted this and then i had a dream based on me being lost on the lost island.
can't remember anything that happened, i don't think much did - sort of like the show.
but i do remember that in that twilight between full sleep and being awake i mulled it over, played out some ideas and discussed the dream with myself. hoping against all hope i could get back into the dream again and enjoy it, and further more actually remember what it was i was dreaming about.

mmmm pointless story really.
i have been affected by lost.

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Che-Jay said...

You always have been lost !