Tuesday, October 18, 2005

man flu

red bull give you wings. man-flu gives you dreams.
after several weeks of not really dreaming. i have two in two nights.
the first involved nuns in rubber (if only such existed then i think i would have gone into the priesthood), dominant landladys and chocolate. i will spare you the murky details.

last nights dream was a different kettle of fish. instead of being in my s&m dvd collection i was in my japanese horror film. i am in a house, it is mine (although i have not lived in a house for 10 years or so)it seems to be nicely decorated and furnished, big carpets. there are several floors to the place. i am walking around. i am spooked. something has scared me. something has put me on edge. i am looking for that something. there is a chill in the air, moisture. cold. wet. the walls are damp. i am sweating. water running down some walls. stains on ceilings, bulges in the cellings. dark. clammy. odd sounds.
i just wander around the house, i am looking for something. not sure what.

it was almost a nightmare.

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