Sunday, December 31, 2006

must be getting old

Everyone was how I remembered them from the early 80s, except me....I was me now. No other details.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

Last night

I dreamt that I was looking down at a shimmery pool of water.

As long as i kept my eyelids closed i could see the lights..( handy i know )

It was really beautiful and peaceful

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Seinfeld madness

So there I am in New York City, and I'm walking around with Red. And then a bus goes by and heads down the steps into the subway. And I think it was Kramer driving the bus. And he says, "Oh, I thought that was the road to the train station."

And then the next thing I know, I'm walking around, and this time I'm on my own, and I see Jerry Seinfeld walking ahead of me. He's dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and he's talking on a mobile phone. I call out to him and run to catch up to him.

But when he turns around, it's not Jerry. It's Kramer, and suddenly his hair is all big, just like it should be, and I wonder how I could possibly have mistaken him for Jerry from behind.

And then suddenly I'm inside a tall Manhattan office building, and I'm rolling around on the floor, making out with Elaine. Now that deserves an exclamation point!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The art thief

I dreamed I was an art thief, and I had been hired by Gianni Agnelli (the late owner of FIAT) to steal a famous canvas. Gianni was accompanied by his son Lupo. [In fact, Agnelli had a grandson called Lapo; but by making that into Lupo (which translates as "wolf"), I might have injected some extra meaning into my dream. Agnelli, of course, translates as "lambs"...]

So I'm in the streets of Marrakech, pacing up and down in front of this antiques dealer that has the painting in question in the window, waiting to strike. The Agnellis are waiting in the shadows. I seize my moment, smash the window, cut the painting out of its frame and make a dash for it. I end up running on muddy streets with open sewers, thinking, "I can't believe Ridley Scott shot Kingdom of Heaven here. Poor Orlando Bloom must have gotten very dirty".

I end up in a dungeon, where I must hide from a gang of fellow art thieves hired by another high-flying industrialist to steal that same canvas. I manage to slip away, give Gianni Agnelli his canvas, all rolled up like an Athena poster and muddied up.

Then Ewan McGregor tries to stop me from getting away, he grabs at my legs and I know that if he manages to subdue me he will rape me. I spot a rifle on the floor and stretch to reach it. Then I hit him on the head with it to stun him. While he's down, I break all his limbs with the butt of the rifle and get away.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I dreamed that a friend and I had found a place to vacation. It had a big pond. We wuold go swimming in the pond. Occasionally there was a big fish that I wondered if it would bite, but it didn't. Then the water began to stir and get muddy. Then a tentacled arm and then more arms started coming after us, trying to pull us under. We ran to the cabin. The giant octopus could grab at us from the water, but it couldn't touch us on dry land. That's all.

Monday, December 04, 2006

3/12/06 Dream

Last night I dreamed of Parkour.

(Isn't that at the beginning of a film? It's either Rebecca or Casino Royale...hmm...)

I'm being chased through a country estate by persons unknown, and come to an impossible drop off a balcony. Down and a way away is a large, flat roofed garden shed. I jump and effortlessly land on the shed roof, roll, and continue running. Just like you should do.

Then I notice, cleverly escaping, I seem to have done a full circle. I'm at the same balcony. I jump again, like the cool free-runner that I am. And land...spine first on the edge of the roof. Ow.

And then I wake up.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Bad, bad Burger King

I dreamed I had to go to the bathroom and I entered a concrete block building which resembled the public bathroom in the city park of 40 years ago. In the dream bathroom, there was a huge hole in the concrete floor (3rd world potty) and it was terribly dirty and too large to straddle, so I left the concrete building to look for a clean useable bathroom.

There appeared a very deep hole at the outside of the building and it was full of one-half people, cut off at the waist, all looking up out of the hole.

I looked up from the hole to see the Burger King King approaching me, but I knew he was really the nasty CC that I have to deal with twice a month. So I took off my sweat pants and put them around his neck and crossed the legs and strangled him right to death. Then I took him and threw him in the deep hole with all of the other one-half people.

After that, I woke up.