Friday, December 01, 2006

Bad, bad Burger King

I dreamed I had to go to the bathroom and I entered a concrete block building which resembled the public bathroom in the city park of 40 years ago. In the dream bathroom, there was a huge hole in the concrete floor (3rd world potty) and it was terribly dirty and too large to straddle, so I left the concrete building to look for a clean useable bathroom.

There appeared a very deep hole at the outside of the building and it was full of one-half people, cut off at the waist, all looking up out of the hole.

I looked up from the hole to see the Burger King King approaching me, but I knew he was really the nasty CC that I have to deal with twice a month. So I took off my sweat pants and put them around his neck and crossed the legs and strangled him right to death. Then I took him and threw him in the deep hole with all of the other one-half people.

After that, I woke up.


Cynnie said...

This is disturbing..

but the king deserved it ..he is THE creepiest creature on tv today..

I love how you took your sweatpants off to kill him ..
Thats classic

Gardenia said...

Doesn't he remind you of this lurking child molester type?

Cynnie said...

he does ..
What in the hell are the BK people thinking ??
Those commercials seriously frighten me ..

he's always lurking in the background..never saying a word..
just being icky

Shep said...

Yeh as opposed to the wholesome...Ronald McDonald?

Gardenia said...

oooohhhhhhhh clowns REALY give me the creeps!

shaun said...

The burger king is the thing nightmares are made of!.He looks like he should be in DR Who!!.