Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The art thief

I dreamed I was an art thief, and I had been hired by Gianni Agnelli (the late owner of FIAT) to steal a famous canvas. Gianni was accompanied by his son Lupo. [In fact, Agnelli had a grandson called Lapo; but by making that into Lupo (which translates as "wolf"), I might have injected some extra meaning into my dream. Agnelli, of course, translates as "lambs"...]

So I'm in the streets of Marrakech, pacing up and down in front of this antiques dealer that has the painting in question in the window, waiting to strike. The Agnellis are waiting in the shadows. I seize my moment, smash the window, cut the painting out of its frame and make a dash for it. I end up running on muddy streets with open sewers, thinking, "I can't believe Ridley Scott shot Kingdom of Heaven here. Poor Orlando Bloom must have gotten very dirty".

I end up in a dungeon, where I must hide from a gang of fellow art thieves hired by another high-flying industrialist to steal that same canvas. I manage to slip away, give Gianni Agnelli his canvas, all rolled up like an Athena poster and muddied up.

Then Ewan McGregor tries to stop me from getting away, he grabs at my legs and I know that if he manages to subdue me he will rape me. I spot a rifle on the floor and stretch to reach it. Then I hit him on the head with it to stun him. While he's down, I break all his limbs with the butt of the rifle and get away.


Anonymous said...

Ohh! Dream gal! as i may call ya. There r dreams...many dreams...some r filled with horrors that u wish not 2 happen, others r so gd that u always find urself saying 'may ma dreams comes true'..anyway..hizo ni dreams...lovers, friends..deaths...name them!

Merry x-mas n a happy new year.

Gardenia said...

Wow, that would make a good movie, me thinks!

SaHaRa said...

Klara, from your dreams, I'm guessing you are a movie buff ... lol. ...