Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Dream from 30/8/05

I'm supposed to be meeting R for drinking night at the local pub, but as I'm putting F to bed in the bottom bunk I grow sleepy and fall asleep snuggled up to him.

When I wake up (still in the dream!) it's very late and I think R must be furious so I hot-foot it downstairs and out of the back door, where I'm faced with lots of wood that's been chopped but needs putting away neatly on the woodpile. So I start sorting all that out, and R arrives at the back saying "Where the bloody hell have you been?" and I look at my watch and it's 1.20am, but still light outside.

Despite it being so late we go to the local pub (which, bizarrely, is still open) and R tells me that he's successfully chatted up the borderline plain barmaid that we usually ogle over. I look over and she smiles at me.

After the pub for some reason I'm supposed to be going to A's house to stay. She lets me in and shows me round her new flat, and we go upstairs to her room to sleep in her bed. When we enter I can clearly see someone sleeping on the floor of her room, in a sleeping bag, although it's too dark to see clearly. "Who's that sleeping on the floor?" I say. "Oh, that's Lisa." she says. I don't know who Lisa is.

We go to get into bed and I say "Hang on, aren't you supposed to be babysitting?". A looks at me puzzled. I say "God, if you're not babysitting I better go home and look after the children, or I'll get into trouble!" "Oh yeah!" says A.

We get up and she shows me downstairs, leading the way. She goes down the stairway first and looking down I can see she's topless (which I didn't notice before). She looks up at me staring at her boobs and does a kind of 'reveal' as if to say "There you are - happy now?".

As I join her at the foot of the stairwell I notice she's actually not topless at all, but wearing some kind of intricate underwear basque-y thing which appears to be modelled on Robin's costume from Batman & Robin.

And then I wake up.

From The Diaries (1994)

"I awoke suddenly, dazed and drunk from a dream where I had initially been making love to a beautiful black girl and later on, being sad with B (my hands and face mussing over her dewberry drenched red hair) lapsing into security. To The End comes on the radio again, and I wonder if it's all one big conspiracy."

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


i have long hair.

i once dreamed that i was in the toilets at work standing by the sink looking into the mirror and brushing my hair.

that was it. the dream in all it's glory was me brushing my hair.
even as i dreamt i could not help but think how dull is this......


a whole chunk of my dreams revolve around work.
sad i know - but what can you do.

we used to have a slim sexy (and some would say sassy) lass working for us called m. to be honest she was always a tad to skinny for me, but most of the other blokes at work had the hots for her. she had a halle berry vibe about her.

anyway my dream involved her. fruity you might say, alas not.

we were alone, in a darkened room, a hushed and reverent silence all around us. atmospheric lights. but no hanky panky was to be involved.
yes me and michelle were in a library and we were studying......
that was it.
the dream consisted of me and m in a library. there was the banter that students have, but in my dream i studied.....

From The Diaries (1996)

"I'm having dreams again. Or maybe it's just that I'm remembering them. In the first, it's the opening night of a play, a big one, perhaps Volpone all over again. I haven't learnt the lines, in fact I haven't even looked at the script. I haven't a clue. Everyone is looking towards me minutes before 'curtain up', expecting me to shine. But I don't know the lines, I've left it all too late. Suddenly it's time, it's my cue to go on - and then I wake up.

In the second dream, I'm with A. I can't remember what we're doing and maybe it doesn't matter but it comes to the crucial moment and we kiss, our mouths opening and our tongues searching frenziedly, as if at any moment we will be pulled apart. And as we're kissing, I can feel something else in her mouth. Something besides my tongue - a hard foreign body."

From The Diaries (1997)

"Another red letter day: My first Spice Girls dream. I'm talking to Mel B about something or other, puppies are involved but I'm not sure in what context. Funny, I always thought it would be Geri first...

I dreamt about L the other day, the morning before I am supposed to be meeting S, and I can't remember much but I think it was fairly rude. How's that for ironic?"

Mission Statement

OK so the experiment is to post up dreams. Old dreams, new dreams, anything. And hopefully it can be open to whoever wants to contribute...

Let's have a go at this!