Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Superstitions and why we lose people

Hi everyone again. I dont know if this is appropriate for this blog or not but I have had this superstition lately with my left palm itching like I am going to get lots of money. I mean everytime that palm itches I get lots of money. Its always been that way. My husband thinks I am crazy when that happens. But anyway he's been having this image that I will be getting lots of money also. Well to get to the point. I just lost my step grandmother and I found out a few moments ago that she just passed away. I mean what does all this mean really. Not dreams but superstitions??? Things are weird in life I guess. I have only been in contact with her for the last six months now and I never got to say goodbye. But maybe some day I will see her again when I go up to heaven. LOL... That is another post for another day really. I just had to post about superstitions though. Its just plain weird.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007


It was one of those slow dreamy dreams ..
I never saw a face..just felt moist kisses and urgent tugs..
Softness , firmness..

My Husband

Hi all. I dont dream much but here is a scene from my husbands last dream he had last night.

He was working and I had the car. He got a ride home from one of his female co workers. This happened once a week for about a month or so. Well finally she decided talking to him and asking him personnal questions werent getting anywhere so she started to hit on him. Finally Hubby decides to remind her that shes married with two kids. She responds I dont care. I dont love him. I just married him for his money. Hubby responds with then remember I am Married then. Finally she stops with the nonsense and brings him home. I guess I see this as a funny story because I know the girl he was dreaming about and shes not very friendly usually. She would never offer to bring him home.

Thanks Shep for letting me part of this. I appreciate it. I love to share my stories with everyone. Tweets.