Saturday, February 18, 2006

been having a lot of dreams recently

but in the way of all good things i keep forgetting to write them down.
oh sure i try to remember the important parts so i can tippy tap them on here, but i soon forget.

the one i had recently involved my ex coming to visit me. (now there are a couple of things here i have never gotten over my ex, true a lot of this is a self imposed misery quoient, but it still disturbs me to dream of her. secondly i rarely let people into my flat unless i have to. of course people who have read my blog will know that i am a mucky pup and my flat is a shitpit).

anyway in the dream my ex has come to visit. she is still my ex in the dream, although i still have the strongest of feelings for her. the flat is spot, it is white, it is big it is an mtv crib like place. it has stairs, it has walls that don't reach the ceilings, it has mezzanines, it has ... well everything you want in a white and chrome palace.
i am standing on the balcony looking down at my ex and i can see her in this pristine whiteness of my designer flat.
what i can also see is that the tops of the walls that do not meet the ceilings are getting grubby that there are stains that are beginning to run down the walls, and as i watch i can see that they are spreading more and more.....

strangley many of the dreams i have had recently have involved decay in a household setting.
clearing up my flat has given me nightmares it seems.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Chased Through Camden

Martin (my one-armed co-worker at the Bookshop) and I are in Camden looking round shops. We go to all those record exchange-y type secondhand shops searching for bargains. After a while, we decide to leave and go to find his car which, for some reason, he has parked on top of a flat roofed skyscraper. On the way to the building we are chased by some nasty looking yobs, who shout and imply that they will kill us. As I run through the deserted (?) London streets I spy a police car and as I run towards it the car pulls away, leaving me chasing futilely after...and then I wake up.

(This whole dream no doubt came about as, as I went to sleep, I had to remember to ask Martin for a lift to stocktake the following day...)