Friday, March 30, 2007

1996 Dream

I dream of trying to get on a countryside wall whilst out walking with some friends (can't remember who), and I put my hand straight in dogshit. I groan and try to wipe it on the grass, which seems to only spread it around. Spying a river down the hill, I amble down through trees and down beside a stony old bridge. It's moving and it's not water. The dark black seems to be going strangely and as I look closely, it's not water - the thing is a swarm/flock/pride (?) of dogs. Staffordshire Bull Terriers. Hundreds of them. They move almost noiselessly, and their black eyes stare up at me. I run back and up the countryside.

Weeks later, I go back with someone (who?) to show them, but there's nothing there. On the way up, we pass some turfed over mounds of earth, which are covered with polythene. I know that these contain poison belonging to some prolific British film director.

Then I wake up.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Nightmare ll

I was going to visit a man I loved ( this is not any dude i've ever been in a real relationship with..a DREAM boyfriend) ..he had a friend at his house and I remember being so happy to see my dude and wanting his friend to leave.
My guy seemed happy, but very reserved..
Then they started butchering me ..
They were serial killers and while my guy held me down..the other dude was hacking me up.
I mainly remember the attitude my boyfriend had..serious and non caring..
And I was begging him to stop.

It was terrifying

Monday, March 26, 2007

Tara Reid

In my dream i was talking to my cousininlaw daisy's sister ( she doesnt have a sister)
and reading a book that their father had written in 1954..( i actually checked the date out in my dream ..)..the book was in english, although their father was born in Spain and grew up in Cuba..
lucky me
While i was reading the book, we were in a boat? airplane? and she was showing me crocodiles attacking people as we went by..
Then we were back at daisys house and my daughter Jen showed me a video of Tara Reid getting attacked by a chipmunk..
Tara was wearing a red dress and the chipmunk was just FLYING through the air to get her.
This was THE most chock-filled dream i've EVER had..
Oh, and Tara made the funniest face while the chipmunk attacked..and I think her Frankenstein boob was showing..i think..

Sunday, March 18, 2007


Churning dark water..
Small childrens faces bobbing to the surface..eyes pleading then disappearing back under the water.
I can almost recognise them..who are they?
"help me " sounding in my head like a memory..did i hear it ?