Monday, March 26, 2007

Tara Reid

In my dream i was talking to my cousininlaw daisy's sister ( she doesnt have a sister)
and reading a book that their father had written in 1954..( i actually checked the date out in my dream ..)..the book was in english, although their father was born in Spain and grew up in Cuba..
lucky me
While i was reading the book, we were in a boat? airplane? and she was showing me crocodiles attacking people as we went by..
Then we were back at daisys house and my daughter Jen showed me a video of Tara Reid getting attacked by a chipmunk..
Tara was wearing a red dress and the chipmunk was just FLYING through the air to get her.
This was THE most chock-filled dream i've EVER had..
Oh, and Tara made the funniest face while the chipmunk attacked..and I think her Frankenstein boob was showing..i think..

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Alex Richards said...

I don't know HOW i ended up on this blog, but that was a really funny dream! Stop by my blog sometime if you like! ;)