Monday, January 09, 2006

Fragments Of This Month...

This month has been such a rollercoaster so far, and so busy that my dreams have been all disjointed and incomplete. As usual I've jotted down bits and pieces, but within this there is a definite trend materialising - me in pretend things:

  • I am one of the characters in Lost. I'm on the beach helping with the raft near the end of season one.
  • I am in V For Vendetta. I'm not any of the main characters, just around and watching.

In addition to this I keep having boring work dreams (just like Pat has) where I'm...ordering books from a HarperCollins rep, or unpacking boxes. Very worrying stuff.

The only rude dream I have had in over two months was where I was about to have sex with my old ex L and I put my hand up her skirt...and continue until my arm is threaded through her clothes and my hand is peeping out of the neck of her top. And then I wake up.

Even worse is I'm not concerned about the nature of any of these dreams.