Saturday, September 15, 2007

I dream that I had a ball of light, soft, warm, glowing.
Blue and green, swirling and spiralling inside.
Forming and unfurling.
Like a living koosh ball, with anemone tendrils of life,
swaying and moving and touching me.
A galaxy in the cup of my hands.

I was staying in a weird hotel. Labyrinthine and old.
I'm sharing with a girl who I'm travelling with, and we have what seems to be a suite of rooms.Huge rooms with decades laid down like strata in layers of furniture and artifacts.A fifties kitchen suite beside a nest out Louis XIV chairs, massive plastic bowls and tubs in bright green stacks on chunky pine farmhouse tables....
It's fascinating and surprising, I'm fairly bewildered wondering around and peering at things, touching drapes and surfaces. The suite is very eccentric. Doors don't necessarily close, there are curtain rails all around the place where you wouldn't expect.
From the outset she's complaining and whining about the state of things, and what we haven't been provided with ('where's the hair dryer?'), saying that she's unable to put up with these substandard environment and will have to go and complain and move accommodation. I'm getting very frustrated with this attitude.
I'm trying to make the best of the situation and am wrapped up in a towel trying to figure out the best way to use a shower which has a huge antique rose but no shower tray, just a pile of ancient looking Persian carpets underneath..... when she bursts into the rooms though i have tried to lock the door- which seemed to be held together with paperclips. I say "what are you doing- get out of here I'm trying to wash!" she says " No you're not, you're not even wet".
And i go for her. I completely lose control and punch her, slap her scratch her... I get hold of her long hair pulling her head back, grabbing her left wrist I force it up her back to meet the hand with which i am grasping her hair. In this way I hold her hair and her arm in my left hand and have one hand free to pummel her with no chance of reprisal....
After a while two handbag girls come in and say that my behaviour is "inappropriate" (they're talking like teachers- in fact they may be). They make a half hearted attempt to free my opponent, but don't put much heart in it and eventually wander off....

I keep pinching and twisting and slapping, it seems my anger is inexhaustible....

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shep and my fat ass

I was in my bedroom and in walks Shep!!

I INSTANTLY became very self conscious of my HUGE ass..and was walking backwards and shit..
Just trying to hide this massive ASS..

so we went to the beach..( ?? ..christ, dreams are fucked.. no?)

the beach was just a step outside my bedroom ..which was so handy..

then I woke up..

Monday, September 03, 2007

What the ?

I'm at a party..
and walking around talking to really boring people..just wandering around ..trying to find someone with some sort of spark..
and I'm standing listening to some boring old man telling a group some boring old story..
then David Niven pops in and leans to me and starts telling me funny stories.!!!
i woke up in the middle of a really great story..
I miss ol David


I dreamed I was in a barge that was being renovated, whilst it was sailing along a river somewhere. Down inside it was just a big rusty metal shell, with plastic sheeting draped from the ceiling at intervals. There were builders in hi-vis jackets and work boots tramping around drilling and hammering and measuring things, and there I was curled up under a big white duvet in the corner, half asleep...

2/9/07 Dream

I'm at a birthday party at a restaurant for Seth Rogen (from Knocked Up and Anchorman), who I know well for some reason.

He's not happy at this restaurant, but we're trying to make the best of it. I go off to the toilet, after having ordered fish and chips. When I come back he's clearly freaked out at everyone or something as everyone who has their food already is quietly eating, and he is seething in the corner. I look down at my huge portion of fish and kick myself for not ordering Calamari.

And then I wake up.