Saturday, September 08, 2007

Shep and my fat ass

I was in my bedroom and in walks Shep!!

I INSTANTLY became very self conscious of my HUGE ass..and was walking backwards and shit..
Just trying to hide this massive ASS..

so we went to the beach..( ?? ..christ, dreams are fucked.. no?)

the beach was just a step outside my bedroom ..which was so handy..

then I woke up..


Shep said...

...And now yer dreaming of me! Cool!

I'll bet there's nothing at all wrong with yer fat ass. We'll probably all see it on a HNT soon, eh?

And of course we went to the beach. Where else would I be near?

Gary said...

Hmmmm, very interesting. My dreams lately have been less straightforward (and I do have a beach just outside my bedroom door - well a few hundred feet down the yard, but there is an outside door).

Recently I dreamt I was swimming in the lake where I lived when I was 12. I swam past the old house and saw someone who seemed to be me. I tried to swim back to see more and the current pulled me away.