Friday, May 01, 2009

30/4/09 Dreams

I'm with the family and we're all going swimming to the pool at Plymouth Pavilions. Except of course, this being a dream, it all looks different and more labyrinth-like.

As I walk past the crowds I accidentally nudge some large, menacing looking bloke who snarls and calls me out. He starts to chase me and I quickly become lost amongst the stairwells and corridors.

Along the way I manage to find a staff member, and she shows me back to where my family waits impatiently. My dear partner bawls me out for disappearing, being irresponsible, etc and in a fit of anger I storm off, out of the building, into Plymouth.

Cross, I walk around the town until I realise...I am lost again.

And then I wake up.

Or rather I am woken by my youngest son, who has just sneaked into the big bed, having had a nightmare. "What was it about?" I ask.

"The Sabretooth Tiger from Primeval was chasing me." he says. And I remember the toy I bought him last weekend, and sigh.