Friday, July 21, 2006

the worm

a recurring dream

a worm is trying to get out of my body. out of my navel. i always look at it, and i always feel both panicky and completely calm. sometimes it's more like a snake, but most of the times it's just a small thing. it keeps struggling and struggling and never manages to quite get out. my navel keeps it in. this dream comes to me four or five times a year.

last year, i had this dream one last time. one night, after much tossing and turning, the worm finally struggled free. i woke up with a start. i lay there, panting, feeling both scared and happy. the worm had finally gone.

but where did it go? and will it come back?

(this worm is unrelated to the very real worm that did actually come out of my skin one day, although luckily it wasn't my navel, or that would have really freaked me out)

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

3/7/06 Dream

Something to do with Eskimos...I'm skinning seals and there's blood everywhere...

1/7/06 Dream

After the nightmare (see last post) I went back to sleep...

It's Comic Showcase's Closing Down day, and everything is being packed away into boxes. The walls behind are impossibly white, and I stand and watch as old staff, customers, friends help out. Paul stands in the centre of everything, beaming.

And then I wake up.

1/7/06 Nightmare

I'm out with the family, and for some reason we stop at a service station.

The kids wander off to play, and this gets me agitated. I turn to Sasha and tell her that they shouldn't muck about round with all this dangerous stuff nearby.

When I turn back, I can see Felix playing with a sheet of metal about a foot square that seems to be on fire. I say to her "You see, he's quite literally 'playing with fire'!" and watch as the fire spreads from the metal onto him. I run to him, but by now he's completely consumed by fire. I cover him with my coat and put out the flames, but underneath he's horrifically burnt.

I get out my phone and call 999, telling them to get her as soon as they can, as my son has had a terrible accident.

On the other end, the person says "We're not coming. He's Ginger...and narrow."

And then I wake up.

(fortunately when I woke up he was snuggled right next to me in the big bed, so I could reassure myself by squeezing him as hard as I could)