Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1/7/06 Nightmare

I'm out with the family, and for some reason we stop at a service station.

The kids wander off to play, and this gets me agitated. I turn to Sasha and tell her that they shouldn't muck about round with all this dangerous stuff nearby.

When I turn back, I can see Felix playing with a sheet of metal about a foot square that seems to be on fire. I say to her "You see, he's quite literally 'playing with fire'!" and watch as the fire spreads from the metal onto him. I run to him, but by now he's completely consumed by fire. I cover him with my coat and put out the flames, but underneath he's horrifically burnt.

I get out my phone and call 999, telling them to get her as soon as they can, as my son has had a terrible accident.

On the other end, the person says "We're not coming. He's Ginger...and narrow."

And then I wake up.

(fortunately when I woke up he was snuggled right next to me in the big bed, so I could reassure myself by squeezing him as hard as I could)

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