Sunday, January 01, 2012

under attack

i am climbing up some sort of structure that seems to be in the middle of the sea. the structure is part oil rig and part ancient monument. there are other people on the structure.
out to sea there are ships and they are coming towards us.
there is a feeling of fear and anticipation. something bad is going to happen. everyone hopes that they are going to be safe high up on the structure.

then it starts to happen the ships begin to fire at the structure.
i don't know if i am the only one doing this or not but i am swatting away what the ships are firing - which seem to be bags of paint and flour.
i have to move all over the place swing and clambouring around the structure in order to be in the right spot to deflect an incoming missile.

each wave of missles seem to get a little bigger and a little more dangerous. so they go from paper bags to plastic bags to cardboard, to plastic to tin. getting bigger and bigger.

harder and harder to swat away.

i have no idea what the outcome was.