Sunday, May 07, 2006

of course i have forgotten them

had several dreams over the weekend. which seems only right as it is siggy's 150th this weekend.
one had quasi sexual and religious overtones to it, so naturally i can't remember it. another had me missing a connection somewhere for something.

the one i have most memory of is me opening up a book i had just taken home. was excpect it to be the uncanny x-men omnibus. when i opened it up it turned out to be fantastic four mansions omnibus. much confusion and disappointment ensued. grrr and grrr.

what is odd about the dream is that i did in fact take home the uncanny x-men omnibus (lovely thing) and that there is no such title as fantastic four mansions omnibus.... it seems i now want to own imaginary books.

5/5/06 Dream

I'm standing on an outdoor wooden stage. Next to me is Boris Johnson. He's in some difficulty - his feet have broken through the stage and he's stuck uncomfortably. I gesture to a large crowd of people in the field where the stage is - they're all tabloid journalists. Like a pack of wolves, they're all eager and baying for blood.

"Here he is!" I shout, pointing to Boris.

And then I wake up.