Friday, February 17, 2006

Chased Through Camden

Martin (my one-armed co-worker at the Bookshop) and I are in Camden looking round shops. We go to all those record exchange-y type secondhand shops searching for bargains. After a while, we decide to leave and go to find his car which, for some reason, he has parked on top of a flat roofed skyscraper. On the way to the building we are chased by some nasty looking yobs, who shout and imply that they will kill us. As I run through the deserted (?) London streets I spy a police car and as I run towards it the car pulls away, leaving me chasing futilely after...and then I wake up.

(This whole dream no doubt came about as, as I went to sleep, I had to remember to ask Martin for a lift to stocktake the following day...)

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