Tuesday, August 30, 2005

From The Diaries (1996)

"I'm having dreams again. Or maybe it's just that I'm remembering them. In the first, it's the opening night of a play, a big one, perhaps Volpone all over again. I haven't learnt the lines, in fact I haven't even looked at the script. I haven't a clue. Everyone is looking towards me minutes before 'curtain up', expecting me to shine. But I don't know the lines, I've left it all too late. Suddenly it's time, it's my cue to go on - and then I wake up.

In the second dream, I'm with A. I can't remember what we're doing and maybe it doesn't matter but it comes to the crucial moment and we kiss, our mouths opening and our tongues searching frenziedly, as if at any moment we will be pulled apart. And as we're kissing, I can feel something else in her mouth. Something besides my tongue - a hard foreign body."

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