Tuesday, August 30, 2005


a whole chunk of my dreams revolve around work.
sad i know - but what can you do.

we used to have a slim sexy (and some would say sassy) lass working for us called m. to be honest she was always a tad to skinny for me, but most of the other blokes at work had the hots for her. she had a halle berry vibe about her.

anyway my dream involved her. fruity you might say, alas not.

we were alone, in a darkened room, a hushed and reverent silence all around us. atmospheric lights. but no hanky panky was to be involved.
yes me and michelle were in a library and we were studying......
that was it.
the dream consisted of me and m in a library. there was the banter that students have, but in my dream i studied.....

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