Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Roses - Probably a Symbolic Dream

Just before I woke up, I dreamt that I was in my father's garden in South Africa. I was nurturing a magnificent rosebush that had exceeded all expectations and grew over 6 foot tall from just a tiny sprig. Instead of being in the ground, it was in a pot. I pulled out the rose bush and looked at the root, which hadn't grown really deep, but then, it wouldn't in a pot. I put the bush back in the pot and marvelled at the dazzling pink flowers. Beautiful! Next to this rosebush was another rose bush - a creeper, that was growing along the fence under the weeping willow tree. It was dying - the flowers were blackish and the branches all looked withered and old. The rose bush had been there a long time, but you could see it wasn't going to make another winter. I did feel sad about the old creeper rose, but I also felt really happy about the rose bush I had been growing that had done so well, and seeing the blooms on my rose bush, I knew that even though the old rose bush was on the way out, this new rose bush would still flower and bring beauty to the garden. As I was leaving the garden I caught sight of another creeper rose, this time pinkish-orange, in the rockery. It was a cabbage rose bush.I was amazed because this rose bush had not bloomed in many years and now, spontaneously, all these buds and blooms appeared. It made me happy to see and I felt really pleased that this rose bush was also looking healthy and happy and would be a beautiful fixture in the garden, even though mine was in a pot.


Gardenia said...

Are you and some loved ones going through a transition?

I loved the imagery of this dream - very goth and dreamy - and so symbolic....

The rose stands for love, you know.

Tanya said...

hey dollface... yeah. My dad is dying and I reckon the dream is about that.