Friday, November 24, 2006

Walkin and talkin

i'm living in a mountain of those quirky , bohemian , artsy towns ..

And Zee comes a callin!

We take a trolley ( trolley? what the fuck ?)to the main part of town ,the town is having a sort of art fair ..we look around , and talk..

and then we walk back to my house, and he goes home.

There's lots of conversation throughout this really was nice..
I feel like I've been on a date with mister zee..

* the only really strange part of the dream is I have on a skirt, and I'm worried through the whole date that he'll notice I didnt shave my legs..and I look at my legs and they're freaking sasquatch hairy!!..he never says anything about them though ..such a gentleman!*


Anonymous said...

What a dream, never mind the hairy legs ...

Klara said...

It was just a dream!!! I kinda like this blog..

Tanya said...

I dig that kind of dream when you chat for ages.

Gardenia said...

Ahhhh, he accepts you "as is." Gladly.