Saturday, October 01, 2005

Strangest Dream to date

I’m sat in the passenger seat of an old 1930’s type convertible, the sun is shining and the top is down. My partner is driving us along a dusty road, through streets, villages and beautiful countryside, it feels like France or Italy, but could just as easily be England.
I am happy, truly happy and contented in my soul. And deeply in love. My Partner being the main reason for my happiness. We pass some old school friends of mine, stop and stop for a chat. Later we go to a café and enjoy food and drinks with some friends.
Not too strange…
The strange part was my partner…it was Stephen Fry. Now I have never thought of him in a sexual way or in any way particularly strongly. I think he is a very funny and talented man, I’ve enjoyed all his work and am very glad he is back on TV with his excellent programme QI, but to have him as my partner..? I don’t get it. Plus the fact that he prefers men and he is a lot older than me. In the dream however it made perfect sense and it was wonderful.
For a while after this dream every time I saw him or even heard his voice, this wonderful contented, safe, happy feeling would wash over me, it was lovely. Unfortunately over time this feeling has slipped away, but I still enjoy a good laugh watching the show.
It made me think a lot about attraction and the “perfect partner”.

(I was going to post this the other day but ran out of time, and then I sit down last night to find that QI has just started a new season. Synchronicity at work perhaps?)

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