Monday, October 24, 2005


i seem to be dreaming in fragments, or at least only remembering the fragments.
so here are two from over the weekend.

i am in a very orange room. it is a front room. but the walls are all cracked, but they are cracked in an honeycomb style. that is all i can remember of it.

the other has a wooden frame of nine squares suspened in the air, and it is swinging backwards and forwards. i can't see what is keeping it aloft, but i can see where the movement is coming from. it is coming from the nuns who are gripping the frame with their hands and are swinging backwards and forards. there are 3 nuns in each sqare so there are 9 in a line and 3 lines of 9. there is one nun in a red and black get out who is swinging more than the others, she looks like she is getting ready to do some sort of nadia type dismount.
shaolin nuns?

and nuns are popping up a bit for me. must be the guilty catholic conscience at work.

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