Wednesday, September 03, 2008

can you smell what the hamlet is cooking?

as ever with my dreams i forget the best parts of them pretty soon after i have had them. this one is not much different. i am not even sure i can remember the highlights of it.
but what i can remember involves me being in a production of hamlet. i can't work out if it is an am-dram thing or some major public art performance piece. either way the thing is a 60-hour performance, and is being put on in a very large buiding rather than a stage.
there is a person sitting at a desk and i go up to them to find out if i have missed my part or not, they direct me to a wall chart that has a very complex running order that says when each line is to be spoken and who delivers the line. i look and see i am still in time to say my line.
i feel a bit happier.
i wander over to where the other performers are. i get involved in a conversation with triple h.
it all makes sense.

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