Monday, August 20, 2007


I dreamt that I was at the mall with my boyfriend. We were sitting at a small round table somewhere in the food court drinking coffee. Beside us I notice a new stand, it has a sloped glass counter displaying all kinds of confectionery and alco-pops , there are a lot of pink sparkles around and a large back lit sign above it reads 'Barbie™'. There are several groups of girls sitting at the tables around it drinking pink sparkly (as in containing glitter, not necessarily bubbles) alco-pops from the bottles through twisty straws.

I'm sitting there thinking ; 'Sweets OK, but surely it's a little odd for the Barbie brand to be advertising alcohol...?' when an employee from the stand comes around from behind the counter carrying a tray with frilly paper decorations and samples of candy. He is, quite incongruously, a dark haired young man with a moustache, little goatee, ponytail and pink candy striped fabric apron with a spangly name tag. As he comes over to us he proffers the tray which contains rows of what look like chocolate tubes, I take one and bite into it to discover that it's filled with liqueur flavoured cream with a tiny chocolate stem all along the centre. I turn to thank the guy in the pink apron, he says that we are most welcome and calmly announces that these delicacies are called ' Finger F**ks' before moving off to the next table proffering his tray.....

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Gardenia said...

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - is this the subliminal messages our kids get from "Barbie?" I for one don't like the toothpicky big boob doll.