Thursday, June 28, 2007

Paris Hilton

I left the tv on last night ..

In my dream i was hanging out with Paris H's REAL bio parents..we were just doing stuff, and talking..

And the whole time I'm thinking doesnt look like ya'll...but she looks so much like her adoptive mother..

I woke up this morning thinking it had been some news story on tv and was possibly real..

Dreams are so strange.


Edward Twat said...

Were they like sexual biscuits or wasps?

alexgirl said...

that's really funny. i love it when you wake up and really can't remember if it was a dream, or something that actually happened. Awesome.

Candy Minx said...

That is a funny dream. Often when we dream of famous people it is a version of a "god" dream. Like "god" famous people are omnipresent so that is why some dream interpreters believe it is a "god dream".

I sort of feel the dream might mean something like we become who we are associated with like that old adage you are your friends...and maybe it'sa cultural understanding dream you had of how celebrities are our gods and goddesses replacing Greek gods etc?

Great dream Cynnie.

Hi everybody who writes this's probably about time I stiopped by and said Hi