Sunday, November 04, 2007

I dreamed that I picked up a plastic snake off of my front porch. It then turned into a real snake, yellow and gray and attempted to bite me. It had sharp teeth throughout its mouth. I had to hold it by the head, the way snake-milkers do so it would not be able to bite me. Because of this I could not let it go. Then two more snakes, yellow, appeared in my left hand and I also had to hold their heads to keep them from biting. Somehow I switched to another frame where another really large snake I was holding to keep it from biting me, yellow with a gray head, had a huge head. It's teeth in front looked harmless, but the jaw teeth were so many and all sharp as needles. I thought, oh, well, it doesn't have fangs, but then I saw into the roof of its mouth where it had huge fangs, folded back into the roof of its mouth and I knew they were full of venom.

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david santos said...

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