Thursday, December 27, 2007

him again

I'm with the guy in the red t shirt again. I'm keeping him hidden in a shed or shack, down a path, through familiar fields. I'm hiding him from my boyfriend. Sneaking away to bring him supplies hidden in my bag amongst the usual chaos.

We're on the top floor of a museum, making out? doing something dirty anyway...
And then suddenly I'm outside and surrounded by water, the landscape has changed and the whole place is channels and islets. Soft fescue being slowly covered by the rising water, tiny silver bubbles trapped between the soft blades.
On many of these islets and in the channels between them stand water pumps, faucets, spigots... under them stand huge stone basins or enamel Belfast sinks. Some of these are like standpipes poking out of the sea. Is it the sea? I think it's tidal, ebbing and flowing... an estuary maybe.
I'm moving over the surface of the water, I can't tell how, but I'm travelling away from the museum and I can't control my trajectory. I'm being drawn away, on and on. Somehow I know that I've lost him.


Jay Cam said...

does't santa wear a red t shirt?
; )

Crashtest Comic said...

you know how to tell santa's a man?

he shows up at night, eats your cookie, calls you a ho, comes only once, and leaves when you're sleeping.

Piercing The Veil said...

mostly ...water signifies change ... great changes ... may be for the good