Thursday, June 19, 2008


this is the tail-end of a dream.
i am in a shop. i am with an old friend (someone in real-life i have not seen in something like 7 years and not spoken too much in that time). she is talking the sales person, who looks like he might be a plastic person, but he is not quite, his very smooth skin is just a shade wrong, his hair is almost quiff like, with black rimmed glasses. i am not sure what they are talking about. she is giving him the "oh-i-am-a-girl-i-can't-do-that" look and seems to be getting her way with him.
i am standing down the counter to her right.
i am fiddling with something on the counter.
the sales person seems to be irritated with me doing that.
i move something. in doing that a load of film spools drop to the floor.
i am trying to pick them up without looking too much like an idiot.
one roll of film is under my bare foot. it takes me a while to realise it is there.
by the time i have gotten it from under my foot i can see that several of the frames on the film have changed colour from where my foot has stood on it.
this is shown in big close up.

end of dream.

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