Saturday, June 03, 2006

3/6/06 Dream

I'm in Totnes and meet an old friend in the street. We get to chatting and he says he has to get his lunch, did I want to come for a sandwich? I agree and we walk to a sandwich van parked nearby, where one of the locals I know is serving customers during the lunchtime rush. We chat and joke about how long I've lived here, and how I'm one of the locals now.

As I wait in line, I can feel that some of my teeth have come out. In fact, most of my crowns (I have many) are now loose in my mouth. I try to suck in and keep my mouth closed, but I hear that squeaking sound that means if I continue to do this it, more teeth with follow. Without saying anything to my friend I walk away, embarrassed and aware that if I were to open my mouth I'd look like a horror film. I decide to walk to the bus stop where I can get a lift to my dentist...but as I walk I can feel more stuff in my mouth, my crowns and bridge appear to have been joined by strange shaped bits of metal and enamel. I use my hands cradled under my chin to try to keep everything, so that it can be stuck back in again by my dentist, but...there's just so much of it. I'm whimpering in distress as I reach the bus stop.

And then I wake up.

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