Sunday, June 04, 2006


i do love brighton. years ago it was one of the few places that i went on holiday with my mum and dad (we were never a close family).
last night i had a dream about it. i was going there because of work, for some stupid reason i had booked into a hotel, realising that i only had enough work for a daytrip i then decied to lose the money i had paid for the hotel and just go back home on the train. due to the machinations of dream logic this became a more expensive proposition than staying the night. the train station was more out of the plains of montana than out of brighton's coastal setting. it was windswept and dreary, the trainline long, straight and desolate.

the worst of it is that as i was having the dream i realised that i had dreamt of this hotel before and that i had stayed there several times before... it seems i have dreamed of a brighton that doesn't exist and i have done it frequently.

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