Monday, January 21, 2008

Brain Drain

I dreamed that I was in a long building with a hallway and rooms on each side. I was with a friend. We were just looking down the hall. My left nostril was stopped up and I found the reason it was stopped up was because our brains had been tampered with and part of them removed. About a fourth of her brain was on the floor, with an intricate mapping design in one part of it. That was significant to us but we didn't know why.

I then attempted to clear my nose and couldn't because a piece, looking sort of like an intestine was what was clogging the nostril. I took some thin scissors and clipped that part off, it was a little bloody. Then I threw the part on the floor next to my friend's brain.

We were wondering how we could find out what happened and how we could compensate for the loss of part of our brains. We wondered if the parts could be put back in. Then the dream ended.


Randy and Kim said...

rzbdAs someone who has been in on craniotomies and seen the Dawn of the Dead movie series - anything that has to do with eating something gross, I find your dream interesting. I am not one that tries to interpret the meaning, but I might say it would be something as simple as GreenBay losing to the Giants last night, and I am really upset about that - except that I like Eli, but I feel that the Patriots are going to keill them in the SuperBowl. Well, that is enough session today. I am glad I could help. It pleases me to know that you are able to go on sleeping without fear. PS, if your firend needs help I am here for thrm... Nekke Lizard Man

Piercing The Veil said...

weird dream ... but sometimes we have lucid dreams that could be enterpreted unconciously ... maybe you need to breath more ... or loosen up a little ...

nice read
have a good day

Anonymous said...

Hi Gardenia! I've had odd dreams lately. Not the usual sort. As for your dream, parts can always go back in!

I don't have an email for you, so, I'd like you to see me at my new home: