Friday, February 29, 2008

28/2/08 Dream

I'm outside the Plant Centre at work and trying to get my (fictional) girlfriend's sister to like me.

It's raining heavily outside and at one point the two of us are left alone whilst the (fictional) girlfriend goes off to check on something.

Silence. I can't think of a clever way to break this which will in some way thaw her out, so we stand there looking out in different directions onto the pouring rain, as if this is absolutely natural.

Later we're let into the Plant Centre and I try to talk slightly too loudly to the staff, as if to show this sister a) that I know people and b) that they like me. The staff are in turn slightly bewildered by my behaviour and don't really help me out. My (fictional) girlfriend is grumpy about something else, incredulous at some bit of wrong information or nonsensical stock positioning, and has no time to realise my plight. The sister stares invisible daggers into my hairy back.

And then I wake up.


Say It said...

Was it the daggers or the hairy back that freaked you out more?

Gardenia said...

I know a little gal that waxes like nobodies business. Shall I see if she's single?