Thursday, December 25, 2008

old friends

i am in the bedroom i had when i was a teenager. i am kneeling down and trying to choose the next lp to put on. i am alone, but not for long. a succession of people come into the room, as each one comes in and settles down on the spare bed i make some sort of comment along the lines of “as i live and breathe”. some of these people are friends, some are characters from entertainments that i have liked, and some are people i no longer know.
when it has all stopped and people have introduced themselves one of the girls gets around to telling us that she has a problem with someone she knows. we hatch a plan to impersonate policemen to put the frighteners on the miscreant.
dressed as policemen we are out in the street going towards the home of the person in question. it looks as if it has been filmed on a handheld video camera and posted on youtube.
this then switches to a glossy csi type look as the view is now of a large messy cluttered room/house. there are piles and piles of things. there is so much stuff it is hard to make out what should be there and what not should be there, where one thing ends and another thing starts. among the chaos are a number of people searching and clearing – the two acts seem to go hand in hand. it seems an impossible task.
they are looking for evidence that is important in an on going court case.
we are looking down on what they are doing. next door we can see the court in session.
now the view is among them. they are talking about what they are looking for and how hard it is going to be to get it to the attorneys, and how hard it is going to be for the attorneys to get to them. they start pushing things to make space, to make walkways. they move a large sideboard, some drawers and a draw are missing from it, and there is a lot of bric-a-brac in it. they can now clamber over this, into a new space.
it is a dark and moody scene, low lights and long shadows.
the light changes to sunny bright and clear. another friend has turned up and wants the return of a bag he leant me a long time back. i can remember where it is but i am pretty sure that i can’t get to it because of the junk that is in the way.
the place has changed it is now a large place with more rooms than enough. i tell my friend to wait while i go get the bag. i rush through the building/mansion. i arrive at the room i believe the bag to be in and i enter.
it is the right room, but not how i expect to see it. the pale wooden floor is clear, the cream walls glow delicately from the clear sun coming into the room. it is neat, clear and tidy. i splutter, i stutter and then i gasp. there is someone in the room just putting the last of the stuff away. they smile at me, i ask them about the bag. they point to cupboard. i go to it. open it, half expecting to be buried under a pile of junk, what i get is a neat rack of bags. i easily pull the bag i need from the rack.
the voice behind me is telling me that they took the liberty of clearing up.
i thank them.

(dream ends)

faker (snippet)
the character is out taking photos. stumbles on an interesting building, it looks like a brutalist version of a castle set in the middle of a street of shops. he looks for an entrance and an idea of what the building is for. he can see the name “mel savage” on the walls and above the very large doors. it seems to be a mix of youth/social club and church. once inside he is greeted with very dark wood floor, doors and panelled walls, the lights are very low. there are a few rugs on the floor. there is a reception desk but no one at it. the room is very small considering the size of the building. there is a noise from below, he turns and sees an ornate set of banisters that lead downstairs. slowly and carefully he takes the stairs down.
at the bottom he can see a young boy at a desk, he asks who is in charge.
the boy leads him to an office where a young man is seated at a desk dealing with a phone call.
he waits for the call to finish. the call goes on, the man has to move his chair to across to a filing cabinet to get something, he is wearing a t-shirt of black and red hoops, his jeans are baggy and artistically ripped, but such that large patches of flesh are exposed.
the photographer thinks this is odd.
(the rest of the dream is hazy in terms of what happens and the order it goes in. the photographer meets mel to ask if he can take photos of the building, he is at a service given by mel, there is a feeling of something being totally wrong about what is going on, there is a confrontation with mel, it is all in a gloomy half light of horror movies that have no budget to show the sfx in.)

(dream ends)

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