Saturday, January 10, 2009

09/1/09 Dream

My mum, Dad (alive again), sisters' kids and I are going to Darts Farm for the day as we hear it's closing. And for some reason, we're going to be driving there in an open top bus.

As we speed through the country roads, my father really puts his foot down (this is unlike him in in real life - he only ever speeded once, and got caught for it). I'm te only person on the upper deck, and as we go round bends I actually have to hold on tightly or be thrown from the bus.

Then, on the next turn, he overdoes it. The bus crashes over onto it's side, but I manage to jump safely to the ground without harm. Everyone inside is fine.

My Dad stands by the overturned bus, desolate. I put an arm round his shoulder, and say "Well, you were going a bit fast round those corners...". He nods agreement.

Abigail, my sister's eldest child is crying by the side of the road. "It's OK," I tell her, "No-one was hurt."

"I'm just sad that Darts Farm is closing." she says.

And then I wake up.

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