Thursday, January 29, 2009

comical happenings

there is an event going on in a big hotel, there should be a feeling of glitz and glamour but it feels very much like a sunday afternoon at a butlins camp. for some reason the event is taking place over several rooms. i have a role of being the mc for one of my colleagues, npj. he is going to be giving out some awards, so my job is to introduce him and the awardees, plus i also have to run around to the other room to get the various people.
i ask npj which order he wants the awards to go in. he shrugs.
i decide to throw away the speech cards and do it on the fly.
i make a very good, and short, speech introducing a french retailer. he is a bald headed bull of a man, who has to walk a long distance to get to the stage.

i retire out of the hall.
the foyer area is like my old school. big windows, concrete slabs for the floor, glass doors and an awards cabinet. there are a bunch of teenagers running around the space. there is a fear that they are going to break something. i step in and tell them to move on. i chase them out of the building.

that leads me into the garden area. there are some people sniggering so i walk over to them. they are looking into a shed like building. as i join them i can see what is causing them amusement, in the shed two people are showering both are men and they appear to be washing each other. i enter the building only to see two men pretending to wash each other and laughing at the people who are watching them.

they leave the shed and i decide to have a shower.
the building changes from brick to blue canvas and then gets blown down.
the canvas gets ripped to pieces and bits of it stick to me. i am now in pants, soaked and with bits of blue canvas stuck to me. the location seems to have changed and i am in the middle of a square of houses, smack in the middle of a flowerbed. i look around for a hose to wash off the canvas.
people are looking at me.

(dream ends)

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LindyB said...

What an excellent idea to document the dreams you have! I never thought of that; a lot of the dreams we have are very significant. I know a lot of mine have been. How brilliant that you thought of doing this!