Thursday, January 15, 2009


it is all very much a 90s pop video. black and white, taking place in a large airy backstage space that resembles a ballroom from a posh house. throughout the space there are draped white curtains and there are pools of electric white light.
there are three dancers in this space: two men and a woman. they circle each other. one man seems to be always facing the other two, and he seems to be challenging them. the dancing is sensual and balletic, a nu-romantic version of “west side story”. the views of the dancers change sometimes we are watching them from a distance, other times our view is in the middle of the dance looking out at them, there are close-ups on the faces. there are long lingering looks and there are fast jump cut edits. from the views of them we can see that they are singing, but there is no sound.
the solo male dancer is robert redford, he is wearing an angelic white shirt, he is doing lots of hand movements towards the other dancer, mostly they appear to be bruce lee ‘come on’ type gestures. the man he is challenging is tom cruise. the woman is never revealed.

(dream ends)

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