Friday, February 13, 2009


I know I am in a workplace but it seems more like a lounge area. I'm talking to a woman who I know as a very straight-laced corporate executive. Strangely though, she is lounging back on her chair with her feet up on a table and she's smoking. She's asking me questions about places. I recall that Anigonish NS was one of them. I don't know anything about any of these places at all. At a certain point I start to think that this is a job interview, so I ask, and she responds, "of course it is, silly...are you ready for your test?". She hands me a book and shows me where the test is in the book, but when I take the book in my hands the test disappears. It isn't in the book anymore. I say I lost the test, and she looks at me scornfully and prints another off at a nearby printer. As I read the test, it becomes real. I'm looking into a chute of some kind. Several feet back in the chute, there are bars and just this side of the bars, there are some items that appear to have been washed through the bars and deposited in the chute. They include some keys, some broken glass and a few other unidentified items. Suddenly, a question is typed in the air in front of me in Courier font. "Describe the effect on neighbourhood crime".

My alarm then woke me up.

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