Wednesday, March 29, 2006

books, basketball and mad mullahs

i can only remember fragments of this dream.
i am out looking for a book. i need this book i have a pressing need for it. i have to have it. (i have no idea what type of book it is or why it is so important...) i am looking all over the place. i am in a big shop that is the main one in the area and i am looking for the book, but it is one of those stores that has a little bit of everything but also appears to be someones front room. (it is a maniac cross between asda, woolies and the local musty charity shop...) i keep looking here and there i can't see the book. i go to ask someone and then i can see that they are taking a copy of the book down from a very high shelf. in order to do it they are using a pair of tongs.
for some reason this offends me and i storm out.
i am in a busy street and i am about to cross the road to look for another shop to look for this book.
i can see a group of people standing on the pavement. they all seemed to be bearded. each of tem appears to have a mouth piercing, but the piercing glows...
as i walk by them one of them says something to me.
i think he is insulting me. i challenge him.
"don't you remember me?" and other such things are said at me, someone who is remarkably like osama bin laden, but wearing an old combat jacket, his piercing glows blue.
i do recognise him. he used to support the same basketball team.
we embrace like long lost buddies and get on with the important things in life and talk about basketball.

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