Friday, March 17, 2006

disturbing dreams

i had one of the most disturbing dreams i have ever had the other day.
it had some very odd sexual stuff at the start (i shan't say what was involved as i appreciate some of you have delicate constitutions). this section was so lewd and depraved that even caligula might have blushed. without missing a beat this transformed into an idylic scene, a tennis court, i was watching children play in a hazy sunlight park with leaves flying all around them. the next thing i know i am fascinated by a bright yellow tennis ball that rolls steadily towards me. scene change. a turkish bath and a buffed up oiled and muscled lemmy of motorhead (or was it triple h of the wwe) is naked and looking scared as a pile of women pounce on him and pin him down. he shouts, stuggles and screams. all goes quiet as john wayne enters - dressd as if he was about to go on the set of the cowboys.
i am sure there was more - but i think i was overwhelmed by that stage.
i gotta stop eating chocolates before i go to sleep.

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