Sunday, March 19, 2006


there i am standing outside a shop, not unusual for me. but this is a closed shop and it is an olde worlde style shoppe. i am looking in the windows trying to see what is inside. the little square windows don't seem to be giving much awayy. it is dark inside. in bright paint above the windows are several beautifully crafted signs. these signs in yellow, red and blue proclaim the shop as the best place in the world to buy womble momentos from. even better there have been some signs added on that also tell of the coming of a womble museum.
yet the mystery is that there is nothing of the wombles in view in the shop, still not open.
but a crowd is gathering,
i am suddenly talking to a blonde, she has short hair, a voice like mariella frostrup, wearing jeans and a black t-shirt. she has asked me what do i think of scott. i start to answer and the shop is open! we are stuck in the doorway not actually wanting to go in but now we are hindering the crowd that does want to go in, we battle out of the tide of womble fans. i am a little disappointed as i don't get to see a womble.
we walk, turn a corner and then suddenly we are in a muddy semi dumping ground that also has a babbling brook in it.
i offer the woman a clementine, i warn her that it is sharp and will make her pull faces.
she accepts it.
as she peels it she asks me what i was going on the bus when she asked a question and we all laughed.
i asked her what the question was. she couldn't remember, but that it was on the tip of her tongue.

dream fades and i wake up (sort of).

some of it is related to work. the wombles comes out of the fact i have just gotten a womble cd (indeed and it is well what you expect really) while the clementine was the last thing i are last night and it was sharp and sour.
now if i could find that blonde i would be a happy man,

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